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DSO On Demand Powered by Nugs.Net


Ithaca 30 Years Later CD

This 3 CD set was recorded live in digital stereo at the State Theater in Ithaca, NY on May 7, 2007. This recreation marked the 30th anniversary of the Dead's Barton Hall show from May 8th 1977. The recording was mastered by DSOs own Rob Eaton.

Rob Barraco - When We All Come Home

Rob's first solo album with 7 songs co-written with Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter

Shimmy Shack

Produced by Dino English, this CD features performances by all members of DSO, Scott Larned, Keller Williams, Jon Fishman, Tom Constanten, Sam Altman and more. For more info and free download click the "buy" link below. It's free.


Ithaca 30 Years Later

This DVD captures Dark Star Orchestra recreating one of the most well known shows in The Grateful Dead’s long history. Although known for their faithful replication of The Grateful Dead’s sound, this is by no means a by-the-numbers copy of the original show. “We like to take the set list and use it as a frame over which we lay our own patchwork of improvisation,” says DSO guitarist Rob Eaton. The Grateful Dead Songs are there, the Grateful Dead sound is there, but the rest is distinctively DSO. Videotaped live as it happened by a multi-camera crew, this video is a must-see for fans of The Grateful Dead and Dark Star Orchestra.

Online Music Sources

Find Tapers

Etree.org ...Etree is the granddaddy of online lossless music trading having started back when cassettes were still the preferred trading medium. They maintain an extensive database of traders and their collections as well as what is currently in circulation. You can also find SHN instructions and FAQs.

Burn Cd's

Live Music Archive ...Etree and the Internet Archive bring you the Live Music Archive (or Llama) for virtually every band who allows taping at their shows. Files are in SHN format and can also be accessed using FTP programs such as SmartFTP. Note the server name hosting the show and use anonymous login with your email address as the password.

Feed the Llama

How To Upload Shows To The Archive ...The Internet Archive and Etree are involved in a project to categorize and archive live music by bands that allow free taping and trading of their material. The general idea is to archive the BEST POSSIBLE SOURCES (both audience microphone and, when possible, soundboards) of shows. Most DSO shows are recorded from the soundboard by the band and are frequently released back into the wild via their private FTP site or the Live Music Archive. But you may have an audience source of a DSO show that begs to be shared in which case you may want to upload it to the archive. The link below is detailed description of the steps taken to upload shows.

Recommended Resource Sites

Exact Audio Copy (EAC)...Preferred CDR extracting program
WinWave Index Splitter...This one cuts tracks with no clicks
Right-Click Shorten Utility for Windows...For people who hate DOS...enable right-click commands
Resources for Tape and Disc Traders...All you need to know about trading music
FAQ About SHN Files...How to use Shorten (.SHN) files to burn CDs.

Recording Policy

Recording for personal listening is allowed at all shows barring restrictions by the venue. All venues are told ahead of time that taping will be allowed. However, please respect the venues' restrictions on placement of equipment and microphones. AC power is not available so please bring your own batteries. Use of video cameras, although approved by the band, is at the discretion of the venue. Please check ahead for their policy on video recording. POWER SUPPLIES ARE NOT PROVIDED FROM THE SOUNDBOARD - PLEASE BRING BATTERIES. (Numerous power problems at past shows have forced this decision).