EDBASE (a/o June 1st 2013)
  Show: 978 • 08/24/2004 Cain's Ballroom, Tulsa, OK Setlist: 12-17-1978 Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA 1: Jack Straw, TLEO, Mama Tried> Mexicali, Peggy-O, Passenger, Stagger Lee, Minglewood, B. E. Women, Music
2: Miracle> Bertha> Good Lovin> Ramble On, Heart Of Me, Estimated> Eyes> Drumz*> Shakedown> Sugar Magnolia
Encore: Johnny B. Goode
Filler: Ripple

Notes: *with Mountain of Venus
  Show: 977 • 08/22/2004 Fox Theater, Boulder, CO Setlist: 07-01-1985 Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD 1: Dancin, Dupree's, Walkin' Blues, Jack A Roe, Esau, Stagger Lee, Let it Grow> Day Job
2: Scarlet> Fire, Playin> Uncle John> Drumz> Dear Mr. Fantasy> GDTRFB> Good Lovin
Encore: Satisfaction> Baby Blue
Filler: Sailor> Saint
  Show: 976 • 08/21/2004 Mishawaka Amphitheatre, Bellvue, CO Setlist: 05-16-1993 Sam Boyd Silver Bowl, U.N.L.V., Las Vegas, NV 1: Touch, Walking Blues, Althea, Masterpiece, Row Jimmy, Cassidy
2: Samson, Help> Slipknot> Franklin's, L. L. Rain> Terrapin> Drumz>Other One> Wharf Rat> Throwing Stones> Lovelight
Encore: Brokedown
Filler: King Bee*, Aiko

Notes: Outdoors show - *with Boots on harp
  Show: 975 • 08/20/2004 Cervante's Masterpiece Ballroom, Denver, CO Setlist: 03-20-1993 The Omni, Atlanta, GA 1: Half Step, All Over Now, So Many Roads, Me & My Uncle> Maggie's Farm, Bird Song> Promised
2: Eyes> L. L. Rain, Lazy River Road, Truckin> Smokestack> Drumz>Wheel> Watchtower> SOTM> Saturday Night
Encore: Liberty
Filler: ?, The Weight*

Notes: *with LookyLoo verse
  Show: 974 • 08/18/2004 Suede, Park City, UT Setlist: 06-17-1976 Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ 1: Cold Rain, Big River, TLEO, Cassidy, Tennessee Jed, L. L. Rain, Row Jimmy, Music, Scarlet, Promised
2: Help> Slipknot> Franklin's> Dancin, Ship of Fools, Samson, Lazy Lightning> Supplication, FOTD, Let it Grow> Drumz> Let it Grow> Wharf Rat> Around
Encore: None
Filler: Don't Ease
  Show: 973 • 08/17/2004 Mangy Moose, Teton Village, WY Setlist: 03-15-1973 Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, NY 1: Promised, Half Step, Mexicali, TLEO, L. L. Rain, Deal, BIODTL, Box Of Rain, Row Jimmy, Me & My Uncle, Tennessee Jed, El Paso, H C Sunshine, Playin
2: Loose Lucy, Big River, Sugaree, Jack Straw, Stella Blue, Truckin> Other One> Eyes> China Doll, You Ain't Woman Enough, Sugar Magnolia, Casey Jones
Encore: None
Filler: Ripple*

Notes: One drummer (Rob) - *with Dino on drums - Original show was "A Swell Dance Contest", Phil Lesh's 33rd birthday and the first show after Pigpen's death
  Show: 972 • 08/15/2004 Statebridge Lodge, Bond, CO Setlist: 08-15-2004 Original Setlist 1: Bertha, Esau, Jack A Roe, Tons Of Steel, Passenger, H C Sunshine, Tom Thumb Blues, Let It Grow
2: Cosmic Charlie> Women Smarter, Foolish Heart> Saint> Drums*> Space> St Stephen> Attics Of My Life> Lovelight
Encore: Baby Blue> Big River> We Bid You Goodnight
Filler: None

Notes: Outdoors show - *with Dino on Statebridge's gigantic wind chimes
  Show: 971 • 08/14/2004 Statebridge Lodge, Bond, CO Setlist: 10-16-1977 Assembly Center (Lousiana State U), Baton Rouge, LA 1: Promised, Sugaree, Cassidy, Loser, Minglewood, FOTD, Sunrise, Dire Wolf, Music
2: Scarlet> Fire, Estimated> Drums> Other One> Good Lovin> Terrapin> Black Peter> Around
Encore: U.S. Blues
Filler: All Over Now

Notes: Outdoors show - Original show was Bob Weir's 30th birthday
  Show: 970 • 08/13/2004 Statebridge Lodge, Bond, CO Setlist: 07-26-1972 Paramount Theater, Portland, OR 1: Cold Rain, B T Wind, Half Step, Mexicali, Sugaree, El Paso, China Cat> I Know You Rider, Jack Straw, Tennessee Jed, Playin, Casey Jones
2: Promised, He's Gone, Me & My Uncle, You Win Again, Greatest, Ramble On, Dark Star> Comes A Time, Sugar Magnolia, B E Women, BIODTL, Stella Blue, NFA> GDTRFB> NFA
Encore: Saturday Night
Filler: Brokedown*

Notes: Outdoors show - One drummer (Dino) - *with Rob on drums
Show: 969 • 07/17/2004 Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, NH Setlist: 07-17-2004 Original Setlist 1: Shakedown, Me & My Uncle > Big River, Tennessee Jed, Masterpiece, She Belongs To Me, Minglewood, High Time, Tom Thumb Blues, Promised Land
2: Morning Dew > Sugar Magnolia > New Speedway > Samson, St. Stephen > Space > Watchtower > St. Stephen > Wheel > Black Peter > Sunshine Daydream
Encore: Revolution, Ripple, We Bid You Goodnight
Filler: None

Notes: with Tom Constanten on keyboards
Show: 968 • 07/16/2004 Gathering of the Vibes, Mariaville, NY Setlist: 07-16-2004 Original Setlist 1: BIODTL, Cold Rain, Bobby McGee, Viola Lee Blues, You Ain't Woman Enough, Smokestack> Bird Song, Me & My Uncle, China Cat> I Know You Rider
2: Playin, Dupree's Diamond Blues, Around, Dark Star> St Stephen> Drums> St Stephen> Cosmic Charlie> NFA> GDTRFB> Lovelight
Encore: Baby Blue
Filler: None

Notes: Outdoors show - Entire show with Tom Constanten on keys
  Show: 967 • 07/14/2004 Toad's Place, New Haven, CT Setlist: 12-12-1972 Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA 1: Bertha, BIODTL, Bird Song, Mexicali, B. E. Women, Jack Straw, Me and Bobby McGee, Tennessee Jed, Box Of Rain, El Paso, Cumberland Blues, Dont Ease, Around
2: Playin, He's Gone> Truckin> Other One> Sing Me Back Home, Sugar Magnolia> GDTRFB> Saturday Night
Encore: Johnny B Goode
Filler: HC Sunshine*

Notes: One drummer (Rob) - *with Dino on drums
  Show: 966 • 07/13/2004 The Roxy, Boston, MA Setlist: 12-26-1982 Oakland Auditorium, Oakland, CA 1: Minglewood, Peggy-O, Mama Tried> Mexicali, Althea, Cassidy, Candyman, It's All Over Now, China Cat> I Know You Rider
2: Touch, Far From Me> Estimated> Eyes> Drumz> Throwin' Stones> Wharf Rat> Around> Good Lovin
Encore: Day Job
Filler: Masterpiece
  Show: 965 • 07/12/2004 Forum Theater, Binghamton, NY Setlist: 07-16-1976 Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco, CA 1: Cold Rain, Cassidy, Deal, Mama Tried, Row Jimmy, Big River, B. E. Women, L. L. Rain, Peggy-O, Music> Scarlet
2: Playin> Jam*> Cosmic Charlie> Samson> Drumz> Wheel> Spanish Jam> Playin> Around, High Time, Sugar Magnolia
Encore: U S Blues
Filler: Strange Man

Notes: *listed as Stronger Than Dirt in Deadbase but it is not really the same song as it appears on Blues For Allah
Show: 964 • 07/11/2004 Marvin's Mountaintop, Masontown, WV Setlist: 09-12-1987 Capital Centre, Landover, MD 1: Bucket, Loser, Me & My Uncle> Big River, Ramble On, Tom Thumb Blues,Hey Pocky Way, Cassidy, Might As Well
2: Cumberland> Samson, Ship Of Fools, Woman Smarter> Drumz>Truckin> Miracle> Morning Dew> Lovelight
Encore: Saturday Night> Black Muddy River
Filler: LTGTR> Terrapin, Music

Notes: Outdoors show
  Show: 963 • 07/09/2004 The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY Setlist: 10-30-1973 Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, MO 1: H C Sunshine, Me & My Uncle, Ramble On, L. L. Rain, Deal, Mexicali, TLEO, El Paso, Row Jimmy, Jack Straw, China Cat> I Know You Rider, Playin
2: Half Step, Big River, Dark Star> Stella Blue> Eyes> WRS Prelude> WRS Part 1> Let It Grow, GDTRFB> Johnny B. Goode
Encore: Saturday Night
Filler: Ripple*

Notes: One drummer (Dino) - *with Rob on drums
Show: 962 • 07/08/2004 Bottle and Cork, Dewey Beach, DE Setlist: 11-18-1972 Hofheinz Pavilion, Houston, TX 1: Promised, Sugaree, Mexicali, Loser, B. T. Wind, Tennessee Jed, El Paso, Big RxR Blues, Box Of Rain, China Cat> I Know You Rider, BIODTL, B. E. Women, Around, Casey Jones
2: Bertha> Greatest, He's Gone, Jack Straw, Deal, Playin, Half Step, Sugar Magnolia, Saturday Night
Encore: Uncle John
Filler: Brokedown*

Notes: One drummer (Rob) - *with Dino on drums
  Show: 961 • 07/07/2004 Irving Plaza, New York, NY Setlist: 11-17-1978 Uptown Theater, Chicago, IL 1: Shakedown, Mama Tried> Mexicali, Peggy-O, Cassidy, Tennessee Jed, Passenger, FOTD, Miracle
2: Bertha> Good Lovin, Ship Of Fools, Estimated> Eyes> Drumz*> Terrapin> Around
Encore: Casey Jones
Filler: St. Stephen**> GDTRFB**

Notes: *with Jimmy Monia from Border Legion and Mark Greenberg from Dickey Betts Band joining Rob and Dino on drums - **with Skip Vangelas on bass
  Show: 960 • 07/06/2004 Irving Plaza, New York, NY Setlist: 12-28-1986 Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center, Oakland, CA 1: Cold Rain, Minglewood, Row Jimmy> El Paso, Stagger Lee, Box Of Rain> Big RxR Blues> Promised
2: Scarlet> Fire> L. L. Rain> He's Gone> Drumz> Other One> Black Peter> Sugar Magnolia
Encore: Baby Blue
Filler: Women Smarter
Show: 959 • 07/04/2004 Nelson Ledges Quarry Park, Garrettsville, OH Setlist: 07-04-2004 Original Setlist 1: Fireworks> U.S. Blues, Passenger, Hey Pocky Way*, Dire Wolf, Broken Arrow, Cassidy, Candyman**, Minglewood, Built To Last, Jack Straw
2: China Cat> I Know You Rider> Sugar Magnolia> Crazy Fingers> Viola Lee Blues> SOTM> Lovelight> Sunshine Daydream
Encore: Shakedown> We Bid You Goodnight
Filler: None

Notes: Outdoors show - Eye of the Tiger tease after Passenger - *with Roger Lewis & Kevin Harris of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band on saxophones - **with David Gans - FYI: "Fireworks" is a Schoolhouse Rock song which teaches about the signing of the Declaration of I
Show: 958 • 07/03/2004 Nelson Ledges Quarry Park, Garrettsville, OH Setlist: 07-12-1987 Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ Set 2: Morning Dew, Playin> Drumz> Other One> Stella Blue> Throwing Stones> NFA
E: Touch*> Heaven's Door*
DG Set: Terrapin#> An American Family, Masterpiece, Senor, Surely You Jest, Lazy River Road**, Times Are A-Changin'+, Down To Eugene**
KW Set: Fireworks> Inhale> Hypnotize> Jack A Roe> Hypnotize> Inhale, Juggler, Bob Rules> Another Brick> Bob Rules, Instrumental, Freeker, Got No Feathers,Yanni, Runnin' On Fumes> Black Peter, Celebrate YourYouth (with Hell's Bells tease), Boob Job (acapella)
Encore: Fire**> Scarlet**> Kidney In A Cooler**
Filler: None

Notes: Outdoors show - *with David Gans as Bob Dylan - #with Lisa, **with DSO - +also with Tiny on harp - ****Keller Williams and DSO - Scott Larned's 35th birthday
Show: 957 • 07/02/2004 Nelson Ledges Quarry Park, Garrettsville, OH Setlist: 07-12-1987 Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ DG Set: Hooker River, Lazy River Road, Down to Eugene, Blue Roses> Masterpiece, Like a Dog> Terrapin> River and Drown> The Minstrel
1: Bucket> West L. A., Greatest, Loser, Tons Of Steel, Ramble On, Masterpiece, Push, Promised> Bertha
Acoustic: FOTD, Monkey & Engineer, Iko Iko, B T Wind, moonshine announcement, Good Times, lost kid announcement, On The Road Again, You Ain't Woman Enough, Roses, WRS Prelude> WRS Part1> Let It Grow> Uncle John, The Weight, Gloria
Encore: Don't Ease
Filler: None

Notes: Outdoors show - A power failure forced an impromptu acoustic second set
  Show: 956 • 06/30/2004 Bell's Brewery, Kalamazoo, MI Setlist: 09-25-1976 Capital Centre, Landover, MD 1: Bertha, Minglewood, Ramble On, Cassidy, B. E. Women, Mama Tried, Peggy-O, It's All Over Now, Loser, Let it Grow, Sugaree
2: Lazy Lightning> Supplication, Half Step, Dancin> Cosmic Charlie, Scarlet, St. Stephen> NFA> drums> St. Stephen> Sugar Magnolia
Encore: None
Filler: Eyes, Masterpiece

Notes: Outdoors show
Show: 955 • 06/28/2004 Summerfest, Milwaukee, WI Setlist: 12-03-1981 Dane County Coliseum, Madison, WI 1: Jack Straw, TLEO, Me & My Uncle> Big River, Loser, C.C. Rider> Althea, BIODTL, Cassidy, Deep Elem, Miracle> Bertha
2: Scarlet> Fire, Estimated> He's Gone> Drumz> Truckin> Black Peter> Around> Johnny B. Goode
Encore: Baby Blue
Filler: Wheel> Hey Pocky Way

Notes: Outdoors show - John's 34th birthday
Show: 954 • 06/25/2004 Navy Pier Skyline Stage, Chicago, IL Setlist: 06-09-1990 Cal-Expo Amphitheatre, Sacramento, CA 1: LTGTR, Stranger, Peggy-O, Me & My Uncle> Mexicali, Loser, Masterpiece,Loose Lucy, Cassidy> Don't Ease
2: Victim> Touch> L. L. Rain> Terrapin> Drumz>Mr. Fantasy> Hey Jude Finale> Watchtower> Stella Blue> Lovelight
Encore: Black Muddy River
Filler: Iko Iko

Notes: Outdoors show
  Show: 953 • 06/24/2004 Magic Bag Theater, Ferndale, MI Setlist: 06-28-1974 Boston Garden, Boston, MA 1: Half Step> Roses> Jack Straw, BIODTL, Deal, Mexicali, Tennessee Jed, Bobby McGee, Loose Lucy, El Paso, Sugaree, Around
2: Sugar Magnolia> Scarlet, Big River, To Lay Me Down, Me & My Uncle, Row Jimmy, WRS Prelude> WRS Part 1> Let it Grow> Mind Left Body Jam> U.S. Blues, Promised> GDTRFB> Sunshine Daydream
Encore: Ship Of Fools
Filler: Greatest*

Notes: One drummer (Dino) - *with Rob on drums
  Show: 952 • 06/23/2004 Veteran's Park Amphitheatre, Springfield, OH Setlist: 09-04-1979 Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY 1: Jack Straw, Sugaree, Me & My Uncle> Big River, Candyman, Minglewood, Tenn Jed, Sailor> Saint> Deal
Set 2: China Cat> I Know You Rider, LL Rain, He's Gone> Drums> Wharf Rat> Around
Encore: Shakedown
Filler: Music, Terrapin

Notes: Outdoors show
Show: 951 • 06/22/2004 Verizon Music Center, Noblesville, IN Setlist: 06-22-2004 Original Setlist Particle Set: Loose Caboose, Kill Bill, Launchpad, Axel F, Gator, Denmark, Elevator
KW Set: ????
1: Mighty Quinn> Sugar Magnolia> Attics, Tons Of Steel, Masterpiece, Althea, Minglewood, Broken Arrow, Bertha> Good Lovin> Sunrise> St. Stephen> Drums> Space> Help*> Slipknot*> Stranger*> Franklin's*> Kidney In A Cooler*
Encore: Touch*
Filler: None

Notes: *with Keller Williams - hear about Cam's issue
  Show: 950 • 06/20/2004 Four Rivers Center, Paducah, KY Setlist: 04-23-1988 Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, Laguna Hills, CA 1: Bucket, Cold Rain, Hey Pocky Way, West L. A., Me & My Uncle> Big River,To Lay Me Down, Cassidy> Don't Ease
2: Playin> Crazy Fingers> Uncle John> Drumz> GDTRFB> Miracle> Mr. Fantasy> Hey Jude Finale> Stella Blue> Lovelight
Encore: Heaven's Door
Filler: On The Road Again
  Show: 949 • 06/19/2004 Bluegrass Brewing Company, Louisville, KY Setlist: 10-29-1973 Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, MO 1: Cold Rain, BIODTL, B. E. Women, Mexicali, Don't Ease, B. T. Wind, Tennessee Jed, Race Is On, Row Jimmy, El Paso, Eyes> China Doll, Around
2: Promised> Bertha> Greatest, Loser, Big River, Brokedown, Truckin> Other One> Wharf Rat> Sugar Magnolia
Encore: Casey Jones
Filler: Box of Rain*

Notes: One drummer (Rob) - *with Dino on drums
  Show: 948 • 06/18/2004 Camp Jam, Bluffton, OH Setlist: 02-26-1977 Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, CA 1: Terrapin, Minglewood, TLEO, Estimated, Sugaree, Mama Tried, Deal, Playin> Wheel> Playin
2: Samson, Tennessee Jed, Music, Help> Slipknot> Franklin's, Promised, Eyes> Dancin> Around
Encore: U. S. Blues
Filler: You Ain't Woman Enough, Ripple

Notes: Outdoors show
  Show: 947 • 06/16/2004 Riverbend Festival, Chattanooga, TN Setlist: 09-01-1979 Holleder Stadium, Rochester, NY 1: Half Step> Franklin's, Me & My Uncle> Big River, FOTD, L. L. Rain, Don't Ease, Sailor> Saint
2: Scarlet> Fire> Drumz> Wharf Rat> Miracle> Bertha> Good Lovin
Encore: Saturday Night
Filler: Tennessee Jed, Promised

Notes: Outdoors show
  Show: 946 • 05/15/2004 Showbox, Seattle, WA Setlist: 05-14-1983 Greek Theatre, U. Of California, Berkeley, CA 1: Stranger, FOTD, Me & My Uncle> Mexicali, Tennessee Jed, Esau> Bertha
2: Shakedown, Playin> China Doll> Drumz> Wheel> Playin> Morning Dew> Sugar Magnolia
Encore: Saturday Night
Filler: Brokedown*

Notes: *with Lisa - First public appearance of Brent Mydland's Yamaha GS-1 piano since 1986
  Show: 945 • 05/14/2004 Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR Setlist: 09-27-1976 War Memorial Auditorium, Rochester, NY HGB Set: Goin' To Florence, The Animals, Sunrise, Show Boat, So Many Voices(?), Golden Road
1: Promised, TLEO, El Paso, Deal, L. L. Rain, Row Jimmy, It's All Over Now, Loser, Lazy Lightning> Supplication, B. E. Women, Music
2: Might As Well, Samson, Help> Slipknot> drums> Other One> Wharf Rat> Slipknot> Franklin's> Around
Encore: U. S. Blues
Filler: Stir It Up*, Brothers and Sisters*

Notes: *wth Donna, Brian and Zion Godchaux and David MacKay
  Show: 944 • 05/13/2004 McDonald Theater, Eugene, OR Setlist: 05-13-2004 Original Setlist HGB Set: Is This Love, Red-Haired Girl, A Visitation, Goin' To Florence, Who Killed Davey Moore, Golden Road
1: Hey Pocky Way> Jack Straw, Stagger Lee, Masterpiece, To Lay Me Down, Passenger, Catfish John*, Cassidy*, I'll Be With Thee**, Bertha*
2: Sailor> Saint, China Cat> I Know You Rider, St Stephen> Piano/Drums> St Stephen> Attics> Uncle John
Encore: Not Fade Away***> We Bid You Goodnight***
Filler: None

Notes: *with Donna Godchaux-Mackay - **with Donna and Lisa - ***with Donna, Zion and Brian Godchaux
  Show: 943 • 05/12/2004 The Midtown, Bend, OR Setlist: 04-10-1987 Pavilion, UIC, Chicago, IL 1: Shakedown, Rooster, Candyman, Me & My Uncle> Mexicali, B. E. Women, Cassidy> Don't Ease
2: Iko Iko, L. L. Rain, Box Of Rain> He's Gone> Drumz>Other One> Black Peter> Around> Lovelight
Encore: Baby Blue
Filler: Fantasy> Weight
  Show: 942 • 05/10/2004 Club West, Eureka, CA Setlist: 10-21-1973 Civic Auditorium, Omaha, NB 1: H C Sunshine, BIODTL, Loser, B. T. Wind, TLEO, Cumberland, El Paso, You Ain't Woman Enough, WRS Prelude> WRS Part 1> Let It Grow
2: Playin> Half Step> Big River> Playin, He's Gone> Truckin> Wharf Rat> Sugar Magnolia> GDTRFB> Saturday Night
Encore: None
Filler: Ripple*

Notes: One drummer (Dino) - *with Rob on drums
Show: 941 • 05/08/2004 Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA Setlist: 05-05-1977 Veterans Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT HGB Set: Catfish John, A Visitation, Sunrise*, Let It Ride*, Golden Road*
1: Promised, Sugaree**, Mama Tried> El Paso, Tennessee Jed, L. L. Rain**, Deal, Lazy Lightning> Supplication, Peggy-O, Music**
2: Bertha**, Estimated**, Scarlet> Fire**> Good Lovin> St. Stephen> Sugar Magnolia
Encore: Johnny B Goode
Filler: Stir It Up***, Sisters and Brothers****

Notes: *with John Kadlecik on guitar - **with Donna Jean Godchaux-MacKay - ***with Donna, Brian and Zion Godchaux and David MacKay - ****with Donna, Brian and Zion Godchaux
Show: 940 • 05/07/2004 Mystic Theater, Petaluma, CA Setlist: 02-04-1978 Auditorium, Milwaukee, WI 1: Jack Straw, Tennessee Jed*, Mama Tried> Me & My Uncle, Row Jimmy*, BIODTL, Candyman, It's All Over Now, Deal*
2: Chubby Cheer> Samson*, Dupree's Diamond Blues, Dancin*> Terrapin*> Drums> Playin**> NFA> Black Peter> Around
Encore: Saturday Night
Filler: China Cat> I Know You Rider

Notes: *with Donna Jean Godchaux-MacKay - **Playin was misplaced after Drums instead of before
Show: 939 • 05/06/2004 Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA Setlist: 05-06-2004 Original Setlist HGB Set: Let It Ride, The Animals, Goin' To Florence, Still In Doubt(?), Who Killed Davey Moore
1: Truckin> Half Step*> Franklin's*, Cassidy*, Mission*, Masterpiece, Tons Of Steel, Peggy-O, A Strange Man, Passenger, Liberty
2: Samson*, Catfish John**, Tom Thumb's Blues, Stranger> Eyes> Drums> Wharf Rat> Wheel> Good Lovin> We Bid You Goodnight
Encore: None
Filler: None

Notes: *with Donna Jean Godchaux-MacKay - **with Lisa and Donna